Instilling Respect

Given the nature of school life, we often get bogged down in behaviour issues. Most days we deal with unpleasant incidents which take up our time and distract other students. While we have to deal with each incident as it occurs, we should also try and work out the root cause of bad behaviour and address it directly, rather than just continue to deal with the symptoms. Continue reading “Instilling Respect”

Hanging Teachers Out to Dry

It is easy to get into difficult situations as a teacher – you lose your self-control for a fraction of a second, you accidentally make an inappropriate comment or you inadvertently make physical contact with a child. Often a minor incident becomes exaggerated when a child reports it to a parent with a grudge who then follows it up vindictively. Worst of all, other staff can sometimes deliberately make a mountain out of molehill to get at a colleague.

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